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On Line Adventures In Magic - Dragons, Gems & Chinese Clock January 1-31, 2019

Want to Experience 36 downloads that Integrate Knowledge of Dragons, Royal Gems and the Chinese Clock as it relates to the meridian system?

This is a pretty in-depth introduction to the Adventures in Magic - Introduction to the Dragons. There is a great deal of information that gets transferred during this class.

This is really about getting to know your dragon preference.

Who will show up for you?

125 South Main Street, Summerville, SC What IS a Personal Grid January 15th, 2019
ORDER a new personal grid!

Customized to your needs to make 2019 YOUR YEAR !!!!

125 South Main Street, Summerville, SC Royal Gems Night January 22nd, 2019

Joyce is SO EXCITED to share this INTERACTIVE evening to share the wonder and enchantment of a particular ROYAL GEM!!

Joyce, as Founder of the Royal Gems Matrix Healing Systemô, goes "in depth" and personal during this time to download, upload and heartload as she takes you into the Vortex and unlocks a "special place" within the world of Royal Gems.

This is a "Share" event and Participation and Practice gives you a "hands on" experience into this World of Color!

Community Special : $45

Tuesday, January 22,2019
Any Where In the World The IMMERSION Februrary 1, 2019
Individual Appointment by Reservation Only

Are you ready to Dive Deep within your Inner Self?

An Immersion is just that!!! A Total Immersion into YOU!

Itís a 24/7 Adventure that Lives, Breathes and Mirrors YOU and Your Intention!

Usually a two day event, Joyce will merge with you and share her undivided intention and attention to your Quest.

Unpredictable, Unexplainable and Enlightening! This is not for everyone.

Joyce requires an interview prior to acceptance.

If you are ready fantastic! If not, fantastic! Itís a Private Adventure!

$3000/day includes room,board and adventure fees.

Please write to Joyce personally if interested at Extremely Limited to One.
TBA UnLock Your Code - Master the Secret of YOU! April 13/14, 2019
Inner Treasure Activation Retreat

Do you want to Make Changes, but donít know where to begin?
Do you KNOW you have a Gift, a Treasure, but donít know what it is?
Are you ready to Discover, Uncover and BELIEVE In your Gifts?
Ready for Your Inner Treasure Activation?

This two day retreat, with a day in-between for Integration, includes an INNER TREASURE ACTIVATION and combines several different modalities.

Joyce will introduce ways that allow you to discover and uncover
1. Who You Are.
2. What You Do.
3. How You Do It!

1. Whatís been Holding You Back?
2. Whatís your Missing Puzzle Piece
3. How to Build a Bridge and Get Over It!

$995 Early Bird Special
Royal Gem Teachers $795
(Class limited to 15)

Saturday, April 13th 10am-6pm
Sunday April 14th 10am - 4pm

Investment : $1295
New On-Line Course Royal Gems Calcite June 1, 2019
Royal Gems Calcite

These are NEW and EXCITING Royal Gem colors introduced for the FIRST TIME ON LINE!!!

This course is great for those new, current and advanced students of Royal Gems!

Why Calcite? The variety of colors and vibrations radiate plus the energy amplifications makes this a fantastic healing and spiritual energetic.

Calcites are like a Healing System within a Healing System.

This class for you if you:

1. Need a Cleansing, Revitalizing, Refreshing?
2. Would you like to Open Blockages, Activate your Energy System?
3. Are Ready to View the World with a New Perspective?

Isnít it about time to See The JOY in all aspects of your life in a gentle manner?

Royal Gem Calcite also aids in the mind and body ďrememberingĒ.

So get ready for an exciting ride of downloads, uploads, heartloads and Awareness!!!! Prepare for 9 new colors of Royal Gems Calcite!

9 week course

$497 Early Bird Special $ 350
Royal Gems Teachers $275
Cut off dates for EBS TBA
On Line and InterActive Sacred Weight Loss Fill the Hole, Feel Whole August 1, 2019
Why Are You Shoving Those Things In Your Mouth?

Ever experience the 9pm Refrigerator Rage? We donít even WANT to eat --- we are just looking for something....and we usually donít even know what that is!!!!

1. Are you ready to make an Honest Assessment of YOU?

2. Do you know the 14 reasons of the possible WHY behind your weight (emotional baggage counts!)?

3. Would you like to know the SUPER 7 QUESTIONS to quell Refrigerator Rage?

12 week Course - Combines On-Line Course and LIVE Group participation with Joyce for Q & A and opportunity to share, explore and exchange with real life situations that occur.

$995 Early Bird Special $497 (date TBA)
Early Bird for Royal Gems Teachers $395

Date:TBA 2019