Nutrition For the PhysicalEmotionalMental and Spiritual Body

You can not expect to be the best at your art, career, and life if you are not suppling your body with the proper fuel you need to do so!
Many of you could not even imagine putting cheap gas and the wrong oil in your Lexus but  what are  you putting in your "priceless" body. Then you expect performance and wonder why you are always "sick". Come on - this isn't "rocket science" kids! Think about the things you are placing in your body, day after day. Think about the things you are placing in your mind ( or letting someone else place in your mind), day after day.  Think about the things you are nourishing your spirit with, day after day. What are you building with? What IS your desired outcome? You are creating your own situations of health or unhealth every day. Isn't it time you took control?

Joyce Stech is excited to announce the opening of the new Headquarters, Once and For All, in Martinsville, VA. Once and For All is the newest, most dramatic approach to weight management.  In conjunction with the  Wellness Center Ms. Stech opened Self Image….personalized weight management center.  Self Image….personalized weight management employs the use of the BodyTalk system to discover and understand the individual's priorities for weight management. 

The newest and most thorough weight management system, Once and For All employs the “true you” approach. With a program to match every figure and every pocketbook there is every reason to be healthy, slim and confident in the way you look, act and feel. It is an exciting time in the wellness area!

Once And For All, the book and the system will be available in 2007.