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Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing. Reiki is powerful and gentle.

Joyce Stech is a certified Reiki Master in Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho of Dr. Mikao Usui.She has been certified  since 1988. Receiving her Master Certification from William Rand, she offers classes in Reiki I & II, Advanced Reiki Training and Reiki III/Master in Martinsville,VA and Summerville,SC.

Individual Reiki healing sessions administered in both locations. Reiki Clinic will be starting in Martinsville, VA (check calendar for dates) Distance sessions can also be scheduled.
Reiki I and II are taught together during a weekend intensive. Both attunements are given.

Reiki I and II

All the information and techniques are covered including:

The Reiki hand positions.
Giving a complete Reiki treatment.
Japanese Reiki Techniques (Details)
Hayashi Healing Guide
Using Reiki for specific conditions.
The Reiki II symbols, how to use them.
Using Reiki to heal unwanted habits.
Distant healing.

Reiki I and II Class Details

Reiki ART/Master Training

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