Personalized weight management.

Self Image is on the leading edge of weight management with more ways to help you lose your extra pounds and inches than ever before. We have everything you need to look great and feel terrific! Self Image offers several unique programs to meet your nutritional, physical, and emotional requirements.

Our approach for successful weight loss is personal. We affect lasting weight control through a program of personal counseling, which addresses:

• Portion control
• Balanced eating plans
• Importance of proper nutrition
• How to properly maintain ratio of fats, carbs, etc.
• BodyTalk™ to aid in the physical, and emotional   issues that effect weight loss or gain
• Support system of various exercise programs   including: Pilates®, Yoga and Qigong.
• Various support systems for body work, toxic   release and total make-over.
• Most importantly Self Image is designed to fit   special individualized needs of each person.
By choosing you will be assured of:

• Professional supervision.
• Concern for the total person.
• Nutritionally sound diet.
• Individually designed eating plan for maximum results.
• Immediate results with a loss of 2 to 5 pounds per week.
• Over 14 different programs to overcome plateaus, boredom    and monotony.
• Counseling on how to eat properly and make better choices
• Reduced risk of developing disabling diseases.
• No pre-packaged food—eat grocery store and restaurant      food.  (Yes, you can eat out and make the “better  choice.")
• Recipes that are “legal” - dinners, desserts, holiday meals.
• Personalized vitamin, mineral and herbal  program.

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