What in the World is YAC?
YAC is Your Actual Container–the sum total of all physical, emotional, mental and spiritual “baggage” of your being. YAC is a process that allows you to reach the “Zero Point” where by finding the “holes” in your system you can choose new ways to fill what was once a void. From the Zero Point, instantaneous and permanent changes are made in your life.

How does it apply to me and my life?

It is everything you have, inside and out, yours and things that others have "stuck" or pinned on you. This container can be altered at any moment in time by chance, luck, stress or by deliberate individual action. YAC is a process that allows you to safely examine the holes in your physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional self. Most of us try to fill those holes with food, alcohol, drugs, sex, work. YAC provides a set of tools to help you fill the holes more appropriately and permanently.

Get your YAC in gear! Get YACtivated.

Caution: Your life will never be the same

Joyce Stech, YACtivator

“YACtivation is not just an event, but a
true turning point in each participant's life.” 

—Mark Vanderpool